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  • Cocktails & Rethinking Resolve

    Cocktails & Rethinking Resolve

    Too often, we focus on resolutions as a means to an end we don’t fully understand…

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  • Crispy Chicken Legs

    Crispy Chicken Legs

    A Grinchy fiesta for folks who are already fed up with holiday madness, and a fabulous recipe for crispy chicken legs

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  • Eat Something

    Eat Something

    October started off well and then tanked spectacularly thanks to horrifically violent human conflict. So, let’s just eat whatever’s on hand and take care of ourselves, okay? All you need for this “recipe” is a spoon and the will to carry on.

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  • Apple Cider Cookies

    Apple Cider Cookies

    This recipe is inspired by wistful fall feelings, the thrill of turning the oven on after a grueling summer, and the Smitten Kitchen apple cider caramels I make every year for Christmas gifts.

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  • Aqua de Valencia Cocktail

    Aqua de Valencia Cocktail

    How do you feed a dying toad? This and more unanswered questions, plus a recipe for Aqua de Valencia, a stiff, juicy, sunshiny cocktail to combat the summer blues.

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  • Citron Givré (no-churn lemon ice cream)

    Citron Givré (no-churn lemon ice cream)

    No-churn lemon ice cream for surviving life’s hilarities (and the hottest summer on record).

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  • Chilled Herby Green Bean Salad

    Chilled Herby Green Bean Salad

    How do you survive a soul-roasting summer? Avoid your oven and make cold herbaceous salads.

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  • Meyer Lemon Box Cake

    Meyer Lemon Box Cake

    On life-giving friendships and a pastry chef-approved box cake.

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  • Miso Brown Butter Spaghetti with Orange and Lemon

    Miso Brown Butter Spaghetti with Orange and Lemon

    Some thoughts on my recent trip to California, the abundance of East Bay lemons, and a simple, flavor-packed pasta recipe for one.

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